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when it comes to inclusivity it can be hard to know how to start the conversation

so we made it an adventure


Bettina Harriman

Dr. Harte

Our 15+ years of experience creating and teaching curriculum
for service learning, writing workshops, and personal development master classes has taught us that students retain and enjoy learning most when they learn through experience.
This discovery combined with our mission to create a kinder, more inclusive world is how our inclusive resource system was born! :)


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Interested in an uplifting and interactive talk about inclusivity for your students, staff, or community?

Reach out to us at

to learn how to bring the co-founders of RepurposeU 

to your school.



Program Administrators, Group Leaders and Decision Makers seeking alternative solutions to group engagement and inclusivity conversations.



At the beginning of Daily Classes, Campus wide events, 

Residence Halls, Student Life, Affinity and Identity Groups, 

First-Year Experience, GSA, Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives, 

Advisory Groups, Professional Development 


1. How many students is the group activity for?

This is great for groups of different sizes from 6 all the way up to 50.

2. How  long does the group activity take?

The story takes about 90mins depending on the size of your group.

At the end of the story you have the option to use the discussion guide included in the kit which can take about another 30mins. Discussion can also take place over another class or group meeting. Be sure to subscribe to our email list below and we will send you creative assignments and prompts to help you keep your group engaged all semester or year long.


3. Do you have to be at a certain reading level to participate? 

All materials are created for a 4th grade reading level.

For the group activity everyone (regardless of reading level) can participate in prompts and challenges and only one reader is required per group.

4. What kind of challenges and activities can I expect?

Drawing, writing, and sharing aloud.

5. Can I use these resources with my staff or  colleagues?

Yes! Everyone has fun making Mischief. This is a great option for professional development and team-building too. 


6. Can I do half of Mischief one day and half on another?

We highly recommend completing the story portion of the experience during one sitting. Discussion can happen directly after the story or during the next group meeting.

7.Is there any set up or prep needed?

Any additional materials needed aside from what is in the notebook or group activity? 

Everything is included in the interactive notebook and all story and discussion materials are included in the group activity.

Just make sure all students have access to pen and paper.

We also recommend providing some kind of tape and markers if accessible.

* for the group activity please read the facilitator instructions before you begin.

8. How can I support a student who has more questions or identifies with Mischief's experience and wants to talk about it? 

This is a great opportunity to connect a student to school or campus or community resources.

Some examples are guidance counselors, nurses, LGBTQ chapters or alliances and local AA and support meetings.

If you need additional resources, we are here to help. Please email us if you need help finding more resources in and outside of your community.

9. What do I do if a student marks up an envelope or page of the story?

Unfortunately, we do not sell replacement pages and envelopes at this time.

But this feature is in the works! Please don't hesitate to contact us to see how we can help. 

10. Do you offer this in different languages?

We are excited about translating Mischief into other languages! 

Please contact us to talk about how to bring Mischief to you in your language.

11. Wow, these resources really opened my students and colleagues up. How can I keep up the momentum?

That's great to hear! Add your email to our mailing list and you'll be the first to know when Mischief's next adventure is released. We are always working hard to continue the conversation. In the meantime, get creative assignments and prompts sent right to your inbox.  Just Subscribe below!



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