Instant Download! Printable Storytelling Kit to Promote Kindness and Inclusivity!


How Mischief Changed the World is an inclusive storytelling game that teaches kindness, inclusivity, and social-emotional learning. It's a group activity that is written at a 4th grade reading level, and is a great resource for youth in grades 4-12. The entire activity is primarily student-led and is suitable for groups of 6-36 students. It provides 90 minutes of fun and meaningful connection. 


The kit explores the themes of feeling different, identity, self-expression, gender, resiliency, personal power, gaining a sense of purpose, and making a difference in the lives of others. 

All told through the adventures of an unconventional hero named Mischief.


Benefits Include:

  • Student-Led
  • Perfect for creating a sense of belonging and community in groups
  • Perfect for block schedules (or divided over two classes)
  • Can be used in daily classes or as a special event
  • Gentle and fun way to start the conversation about inclusivity
  • Includes Facilitator’s Guide and Discussion Guide
  • Very Little Prep!!
  • Great for kids but adults love it too:) Perfect for Fun Professional Development


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