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For anyone who has ever felt different or been through something

that seems impossible to get through, we've been there too.


That's why we create fun and accessible inclusive resources 

so people can come together, imagine BIG and be more free and proud to be who they are.

When we see the possibilities in ourselves and each other

Everything is Transformable.




Chief Mischief Maker

B is a master in the art of mischief who learned early on that identity is an invention as big as your imagination can stretch. For B, this practice began in kindergarten when B drew a picture of a werewolf and decided that’s what they wanted to be when they grew up. B has been imagining, drawing and creating themselves into being ever since.

B was born and raised in Miami then spent a few years in New Orleans before pursuing a Masters in Fine Arts in New York City where B currently resides. Whether it’s in art, work or life, B makes adventure wherever they go and believes that the rules are worth breaking especially when it comes to becoming yourself.

As co-founder and chief mischief maker at RepurposeU, B gets to illustrate and write stories and find new ways to make self-discovery and invention fun for kids big and small. B thinks this is pretty awesome;)



Chief Solution Seeker

Dr. Harte's life changed one day in graduate school when  she bought a copy of her first Murakami book. After reading it she felt that not only was imagination possible, it was critical. She began to get some funny ideas about her doctorate: what could she do if she walked out of the library? She rethought her assets: she’d grown up in between an antique shop and a junkyard. Both were places she’d spent years at reading and inventing stories. All the while she was collecting transformations: whether it was new treasures found in dumpster miracles or stories where people made her feel like her own possibilities were bigger than she knew. She realized she could use her education to help others. Her dissertation, "In Search of Lost Women" explored the relationship between trauma, silence, language and the power of storytelling. 

She used this work to help build trauma-responsive programs and has raised over $14million in funds for trauma-responsive programs. As co-founder and chief solution seeker at RepurposeU she now gets to create new solutions to help people who feel different, feel possible.

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