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Marlena /: Beloved Rebel No1


an interactive sensory art experience for hotels

who provide unforgettable experiences

that keep guests coming back.



Join us at Beloved Rebel No1 coming to

the Church Palace Hotel in Rome, Italy March 22-24th


Anything is possible...even just for one night 

This experience plays with the tension between the transience of a hotel room

and the freedom it invites to invent a new identity— if even just for one night.

In the hotel room, participants will discover objects that intimate personal treasures guests have left behind. This experience invokes communion with these imagined guests through a series of sensory prompts that invite participants to leave a trace of themselves in the room. Participants will accomplish this by interaction with various objects and recorded responses. Beloved Rebel No1 is an act of collective invention and reminds us all of the power we have to create and recreate ourselves everyday.

Bring Marlena to your hotel


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