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In this lesson you will get one fun story about a character named Mischief who discovers that there are so many ways to celebrate yourself and others.

You will also get one activity which includes drawing and learning about how to find positive assets about yourself and how to celebrate them.

Lastly, you will also get an SEL tool page which touches on one of the main pillars of SEL as established by CASEL: gratitude through self-awareness by learning to see, name and celebrate the things that make you special.



-1 story page

-1 activity page

-1 SEL tool page


Great for kids age 7-13+

Fun and easy way to include SEL topics in your class, camp, or home

Available now for download!

recognizing positive assets about yourself, part of self-awareness is

recognizing positive, gratitude, not just about negative inventory, celebrating where you’re

doing well)

SEL Gratitude Lesson--DOWNLOADABLE

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