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"One of the Most Interactive Books Ever Written" Thank you, Ally

Our friend Ally at Imaginary Pages gave an incredible review about the How Mischief Changed the World SEL Workbook. Check out the review below to find out more about why Social Emotional learning is so beneficial for students to explore in a book that lets them go at their own pace. Ally also encourages us that people who are willing to be themselves in the world are the ones who are willing to change it. Thank you Ally <3

An interactive workbook about a kid named Mischief who goes on everyday adventures to find identity, connection, and belonging. The story follows Mischief from kindergarten all the way through college. This notebook will help readers to discover their own inner hero and learn social-emotional skills that build confidence.Here's a great Review from Imaginary Pages Little Readers Store:"HOW MISCHIEF CHANGED THE WORLD by Bettina Harriman and Jaclyn Harte is one of the most interactive books ever written. It’s a notebook that encourages social-emotional learning in children and features adventurous little Mischief. Mischief is different from other children and their differences make them unique. They learn that how they treat themselves, determines how they treat others. 📔 HOW MISCHIEF CHANGED THE WORLD is a special notebook that teaches children how to manage their emotions positively, therefore allowing children to fully express themselves in a fun and creative way. By identifying and connecting with their role models, children can learn to be their own superheroes and make positive changes. Here are some benefits of having this book: 1. It allows children to explore what makes them unique and use it to make a positive impact in the world. 2. It allows children to think outside the box, therefore enhancing their creativity and abilities. 3. Creating discussions that are inclusive and necessary for socio-emotional development is crucial to children today, especially at school. This book can assist with that. 4. It can also help to cultivate that safe space for children to freely express their emotions. 5. Mischief is inspiring, creative and fun and is relatable to many children. 6. It reinforces the idea that superheroes come in all shapes and sizes 📔 Saying this book is an interactive notebook is an understatement. It’s inclusive and diverse with witty illustrations that are guaranteed to be a class favorite among teachers and educators. Though it’s geared towards older children, younger children can also benefit from what this book has to offer. Being yourself and marching to the beat of your own drum can be an act of mischief that can inspire others to make the world a better place. People who speak up and let their voices ring are the ones who help to change the world📔📝."

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